Meet the Founders

Kendrick D. Stephens
Kendrick D. StephensFounder / Primary Instructor
Sergeant Kendrick Stephens (ret.) is a 20 year police veteran with 16 years of SWAT experience. Having participated in approximately 2,000 high-risk SWAT missions, he has fought for his life and the lives of others on numerous occasions. Ken was recently honored with the highest award available to law-enforcement, The Gold Medal of Valor, for his role in neutralizing the first suicide bomber to take hostages on American soil.

He has practiced martial arts for more than 35 years and holds black belts in:
• Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
• Bando (Burmese Military Fighting System)
• Lethwei (Burmese Kickboxing)
• Hap Ki Do (Korean Self-Defense).

Mr. Stephens was the primary defensive tactics instructor for his SWAT team and has taught defensive and offensive tactics to civilians, officers and military personnel in the United States and abroad. In 2013, he conducted a defensive/offensive tactics and weapon-retention seminar for the elite Brazilian Special Operations unit known as the B.O.P.E. in Maceió, Brazil.

Abbreviated Resume
Jason A. Boyer
Jason A. BoyerFounder / Primary Instructor
Jason Boyer is a decorated retired deputy sheriff with more than a decade of tactical experience. During his career, he was designated the “hands on” operator for his team because of his extraordinary combat and restraint skills.

Jason’s combat background includes:
• 28 active years experience training in Burmese military combat systems used by the renowned Gurkha solders of yesteryear and today.
• Bladed-weapon expert
• Combat Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner
• Multiple Full-Contact Kickboxing Championship Titles
• Coach of Two Current Undefeated Professional Boxing Champions

Jason has trained hundreds of police and security officers as well as numerous amateur and professional boxing, kickboxing and MMA fighters throughout the United States.

As a life-long practitioner with more than a decade of law-enforcement combat experience, Jason knows what works on the street…and what doesn’t.

Meet the Instructors

Mike Hoefler
Mike HoeflerCombat Instructor
Declassified Biography:

Michael Hoefler is an active Chief of Police with 27 years of military experience as a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant. He has taught US and Allied troops overseas and is a decorated veteran of multiple military and police combat experiences.

Mike’s background includes:
• 22 years active experience training in Burmese military combat systems
• Bladed weapon specialist
• Military Combat Tactics & Close Quarters Battle Instructor -French Foreign Legion Jungle Warfare School
• United Arab Emirates Military (UAE Special Forces near Arabia)
Iraqi Military (Operation Iraqi Freedom)
• “Q Course” (Qualification Course for the Green Berets)
• Robin Stage (unconventional warfare training)
• SERE School (Survival Evasion, Resistance, Escape)
• Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Force training
• Fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom out of the 10th Special Forces Group and was assigned to the 36 Commandos
• Amateur and professional boxing / kickboxing coach

Detective Stephanie Kearney
Detective Stephanie KearneyCombat Instructor
Stephanie is a South Florida Homicide Detective and is one of our most dedicated instructors. Having trained and taught for hundreds of hours, she knows the TCI Defensive & Offensive Tactics Program as well as the founders. Her ability to teach and demonstrate tactics effectively is amazing and we are so honored to have her on our team!
Clay Martin
Clay MartinCombat Instructor
Declassified Biography:

Clay has experienced a wide variety of assignments throughout his 15-year military career. He has operated in the full spectrum of environments, from jungle to desert. Among many other extraordinary accomplishments, Mr. Martin led two deployments with host-nation forces in combat and has three years of experience teaching Special Forces soldiers on a daily basis.

He is a specialist who has successfully completed a plethora of military training, to include:
• US Army Special Forces Selection
• US Army Special Forces Qualification Course (18E)
• US Army SERE C
• USMC Mountain Warfare
• USMC Amphibious Reconnaissance Course
• USMC Scout Sniper Course
• US Army Airborne School
• …and much more.

Clay Martin knows combat. TCI is proud to have him as a member of our team.

Professor Vicente Junior
Professor Vicente JuniorCombat Instructor / Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion
Ground-fighting tactics is one of the most under-emphasized components of defensive and offensive tactics programs today. However, almost every “real” fight ends up with at least one combatant on the ground and more people are studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other ground fighting systems than ever before! That’s where Professor Vicente Junior comes in.

“VJ” is a World Champion and 4x Pan-American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion specializing in both gi (with the traditional uniform) and no-gi combat. He is a certified 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt under the infamous Master Ricardo de la Riva.

Vicente is TCI’s secret weapon when it comes to the principles of effective ground fighting. Although he is not a police officer, he has studied our craft and has worked with tactical and special operators of TCI to train officers and special forces operators throughout America and Brazil. Vicente Junior has helped revolutionize our program.

No DT/OT program is complete without an effective ground-fighting system. Thanks to VJ, ours is one of the most advanced tactical ground fighting systems in the world.

Chuck Ergenbright
Chuck ErgenbrightCombat Instructor
Declassified Biography:

Chuck Ergenbright spent more than 16 years of service as an officer in the United States Army. He held leadership and command positions in various units of the Infantry and US Special Forces. Additionally, Chuck has deployed on multiple combat rotations and joint training missions throughout South America and Southeast Asia.

Mr. Ergenbright holds a Masters of Science degree in Irregular Warfare and Defense Analysis from the Naval Postgraduate School and is a renowned instructor and consultant on all things regarding real world tactical response.

Joanna Shapiro
Joanna ShapiroLegal and Liability Instructor / Attorney
Joanna is one of two seasoned attorneys with whom TCI has partnered in order to bring real world legal/liability consulting to our programs.
Joanna owns a private practice and is a subject matter expert in many topics, such as:
• Criminal Procedure
• Policy / General Order development and enforcement
• Excessive use of force claims & prevention
• Public Relations
• Internal investigation policies and procedures
• Collective Bargaining issues

Joanna brings a plethora of experience to TCI, to include:
• General Counselor / Advisor for USDA
• Small and Mid-Size Business Consultant
• Prosecutor – Frederick County State’s Attorney’s Office
• Supervising Attorney – Public Justice Center, Inc
• Director, Maryland Legal Services Program
◦ Managed more than $34 million in legal service contracts
◦ Drafted & reviewed legislation and policy

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