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Tactical Combat International is a defensive and offensive tactics training company for law enforcement, public safety, military special operations, special security forces and select individuals.

Years ago, TCI’s founders began to take a hard look at the defensive and offensive tactics programs offered to public safety agencies. Serious concern grew as they noticed the lack of practicality, realism and effectiveness of the techniques being taught. The majority of programs observed were based upon “choreographed” or “text-book” techniques.

“Choreographed techniques” are taught with no basic principles in place and practiced in an unrealistic setting to cause a theatrical winning affect.  You’ve probably seen online videos of techniques that only work against overly cooperative opponents in a stress-free training environment.  A great number of these choreographed techniques would most certainly fail in real-life scenarios.

Some of the most common and most irresponsible choreographed techniques taught relate to empty-hand defense against knives and guns.  Unfortunately, the majority of defensive tactics programs we’ve examined include these and many other ineffective and dangerous tactics that have been passed from generation to generation.

At TCI, we keep it real.  We will not teach a technique that we have not proven to be effective against a motivated assailant with the intent to make the tactic fail.  If a technique fails, we either get rid of it or amend it until it passes the test.

Whether the fight is on your feet or on the ground, Tactical Combat International will provide you and/or your agency with battle-proven techniques and principles that are essential to officer and operator survivability.


Decades of combat experience coupled with thousands of domestic and foreign special operations missions ensure that you will receive the most contemporary and effective training available anywhere on the planet.

Our instructors are world-class.  We’ve teamed up with world-champion fighters, SWAT Officers, Special Forces Operators, Criminal / Liability Attorneys and other professionals in order to provide the highest level of training.

Our combat instructors have utilized every level of force on American soil and abroad.  Collectively, we have taught thousands of law-enforcement officers, military operators and special security personnel.

What we do

TCI instructors generally provide four, eight, 16 or 40-hour seminars. We are also able to provide customized training, based upon the specific needs of the individual or agency. These are “hands-on” sessions designed to ensure a working knowledge of the most contemporary combat tactics.

TCI can certify your personnel as Tactical Combat “Operators” (20-hour course) or “Instructors” (40-hour course.) Successful completion is required for certification. The TCI Instructor Certification authorizes the recipient to teach our curriculum to their respective agency personnel (e.g. we train the trainer).

We realize that most agencies have adopted mandatory standards for defensive and offensive tactics training. Our program is designed to supplement, enhance, and – in most cases – correct the programs you are already providing.

It will take only seconds for our instructors to convince even the most capable teams / operators that training has evolved and many of the techniques taught throughout the world simply don’t work!

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Tactical Combat International is dedicated to providing the highest level of combat training available anywhere on the planet.
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